Every Ride is an Adventure!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe transportation and a fun environment for Austinites to get from point A to point B and back easier than ever.  Our fleet of Entertainment Transportation Vehicles (ETV’s) provides excellent service to an ever growing number of individuals from Austin and Surrounding Areas . We are started the company with just a dream and a bus, and became a name brand in both the entertainment and transportation industry in Austin.
Starting the business with a limo bus that’s converted into a night club on wheels… The bus includes: comfortable seating, club lights, sound system, restroom and professional driver that doubles as the Event Host or MC. The driver’s responsibility is to maintain schedule, ensure enjoyment for the guests, and provide safe and hassle free transportation.  We can take the parties downtown, to the lake, the river, or to anywhere else based on a predetermined itinerary during booking of the event. Individuals can book events over the phone or via the company website.

In addition to booking events we also have relationships with bar and party barge owners to provide the VIP experience for all of our passengers, often including discounted beverages in participating clubs and bars.

The company currently has 2 buses in the fleet and each provides a unique experience.  The first one is a 19 person Limo type bus “Black Beauty” and our second bus “The Party Wagon”  accommodates up to 43 passengers. After both buses are booking to capacity a third bus will begin construction, for our “theme bus” collection. Themes that will be considered are “Yellow Submarine” a yellow bus with a 70′s look and feel, shag carpeting etc. “Silver Bullet” a silver, Texas Sports Bar themed bus for the Texas Longhorn, Dallas Cowboy, San Antonio Spurs, Austin Torro’s, Texas Stars, or Houston Texans fans who want to show up at the game in style. Other themed buses will be suggested by customers or partners as the business grows and needs are analyzed.



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